Here are some of the Questions you might be asked if you want to have a discussion about a new website. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of them!  This is just to give you an idea of that you can expect in a Free Consultation.

1. Describe your target audience.
2. What is the purpose of the website?
3. Do you have specific company colors that need to be used?
4. Do you have any other materials that the site needs to match with in some way (brochures, press materials, etc.)?
5. What do you like most about your current website?
6. Is there any functionality or options on your current website that you plan to keep (other than the content)?
7. What are your top 3 frustrations with your current website?
8. What do your current competitors’ websites have that you wish to have?
9. Are there any websites with designs that you like?
10. What types of things do you see on other websites that you really like?
11. Name the 3 things that are most important in the design of your new website.
12. Where is your website hosted?
13. Can you provide usernames and passwords?
14. Do you have a budget you are trying to meet?
Scope & Specs
27. Do you already have a Domain Name (URL) you plan to use?
28. If not, do you need help selecting and registering a good URL?
29. Do you have a logo you plan to use or will one need to be created?
30. If you have one, can you provide the original artwork files?
31. Will you need a favicon created?
32. Do you have a tagline you wish to use or do you need help creating one for your site?
33. Do you have a completed site architecture for the new website or will this be part of the scope of work?
34. How many pages will the finished website be (estimated)?
35. Do you have any page wireframes ready or will those need to be produced as part of the scope of work?
36. Do you have the content for the website or will content creation be a part of the scope of work?
37. How many pages of content will need to be developed?
38. Do you or your team need training for making website updates, content publishing guidelines, etc.?
39. What types of actions do you want your visitors to take on your website?
40. Do you have any specific photos you plan to use?
41. Will we need to find and/or create any images for the website?
42. Will video or audio be a part of the new website?
43. Can you provide us the proper files or is creation of this content part of the scope of work?
44. How many videos or audio files will be added and/or created?
45. Will any customizations need to be made such as optimizing for search, adding content overlays, customized wrappers, etc?
46. Do you have any other media or PDF documents that need to be incorporated, or will any need to be created?
47. Will you need a shopping cart system for e-commerce?
48. How many web forms does your new site need?
49. What is the purpose of each?
50. Do you need any social sharing features built in (tweet, like, +1, share, etc.)?
51. Will there be any third-party applications that will need to be integrated?
52. What are they?
53. Will you need an events calendar feature?
54. Do you have a Google Analytics account?
55. Can you provide us access?
56. Do you have any other specifications or need specific functionality that has not been addressed?
57. What is your time frame for total project completion?