Ok, I’ll admit it. I am an impatient person. One of my pet peeves is having to sit thru a 30-second commercial before being able to view a news story or video on YouTube.  If you added up all those pesky 30-second time wasters, I bet it would add up to several hours a year!! Just like sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the bank, it’s pretty much useless time.  Until now.

I found a great little software product called MySpeed by Enounce, and it SPEEDS UP COMMERCIALS!! YAY!  Now I can ZIP thru them at lightening speed and get right back to the episode of Shark Tank or whatever I am viewing online. And there is no audio distortion.  And I can also SLOW DOWN ANY VIDEO, which is a wonderfully handy thing when I am viewing  a pre-recorded webinar.  You would be so surprised at how it helps to slow things down just a little so you can really absorb a complex concept or take notes.  I can also speed it up and listen to it at an increased speed to get thru a webinar much quicker without missing any content. I can easily listen to a 1-hour webinar in about 30-40 minutes. So while I don’t usually like a website with a ton of affiliate products, I’ve made an exception in this case.

graphic-enounce-square-250Click here to try a Free Trial of MySpeed, and I think you’ll really be glad you did.  Feel free to drop me a note via my Contact page and let me know how you like it!