Hosting Packages

What is a Hosting Fee?

A hosting fee is the “rent” that you pay to have your website hosted on the Internet, and can be paid on a monthly or annual basis.  Yes, my hosting fees are more than a retail hosting company (ie. GoDaddy), but here’s why.  I fully maintain your website platform (which means keeping the software and plugins that run your site up-to-date), taking scheduled backups, and installing security features to help prevent your site from being hacked. If your site do go down, I work diligently to get it back online as soon as possible (depending on your hosting plan, there may be a charge for this work; see below). The other companies that offer cheap hosting of $5-6/month do not provide these same level of services, and they also host your site on the same server with undesireables such as gambling and porn sites. Yuck! My server is under my control and is always kept up-to-date and free of those types of problems.