The robocall starts pretty much the same way every time…. “Hello I’m Sharon, your Google Specialist…” .  Sometimes it’s even a real person, trying to scare you into believing your ‘Google ad’ will ‘disappear’ from the search engine if you don’t ‘act now’.  What do you do?

First of all, if  it’s an automatic robocall, HANG UP.  This rule goes for ANY ROBOCALL.  Yes, that means Susan, who calls from ‘Card Services’ about how to lower interest rates on your credit card, or Dan, who tells you that there are an average of 9 home breakins every minute in your neighborhood. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND HANG UP.

So if you hang up on all robocalls, now we assume we’re left to deal with ‘Sharon’ the real person (with a foreign accent) who is telling you the same thing as Sharon-The-Robocall.  It is extremely, highly unlikely that this is Google, as there are a number of unscrupulous companies that pretend to be Google, or want you to think that they are Google.  All you have to do is ask a question:  “ARE YOU A GOOGLE EMPLOYEE’ and listen to her squirm as she says she is a ‘representative of Google’, an ‘associate of Google’ or some other nonsense.  Ask if she is a ‘THIRD-PARTY that provides Google Services’ and if she says yes… guess what… HANG UP.

Now, if she plainly says Yes, she is a Google Employee, she works at Google, and she can give you a direct phone number to Google where she has an extension, then there is a chance she really is from Google, as they do make personal calls for customers of their PAID ADWORDS ACCOUNTS.  If she is calling with information on your PAID ADWORDS account, (not the free listing), she should be able to give you information about your account.  DO NOT GIVE HER ANY INFORMATION.  Tell her to send you an email (she should have your email address if she is truly an account representative) and you will review it and call her back if you are interested.  Again, DO NOT GIVE HER ANY INFO.  If she is truly a Google employee she will understand your hesitation to provide her with any information and gladly send you an email.

Bottom line, I hang up on alot of people – robocalls or not. I don’t have time to listen to the longwinded pitch and wait patiently for them to take a breath.  -CLICK- Done.