Although I host websites on my professional WordPress platform; I am not an email hosting provider.  However I do, as part of your Website Design Fee, create your new email account(s) with your new domain name (ie. at the third-party email hosting provider of your choice, for example:

  • Google Gmail
  • Google G Suite  (use this link: )
  • or any Microsoft exchange hosting provider

Once the new account(s) are set up at your email hosting provider, you will need to contact them for Instructions so that you can:

  • add your new email account(s) on your smart phone and
  • import any data (email, contacts, or calendars) from an old email account(s) into your new email account(s)

If you would like me to work with your email hosting provider on your behalf to perform the initial data transfer process for you, the bill rate is $100 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments. Please note that the data transfer process can sometimes take several hours or most of a day to complete, depending on any problems that may arise. (It’s recommended that you delete any unnecessary email in your old account(s) prior to the data transfer to shorten the process.)  Once the email account(s) are completely set up, ongoing support is provided to you by your email hosting provider.

Email Hosting Provider Pricing Support provided by
Google Gmail Free None*
Google G Suite $5/mo or $10/mo per email

Google Support


Microsoft Exchange Host

Ie. Rackspace, MindshiftOnline, Sherweb, etc

Typically $11-$20/mo per email Contact the individual email host


*Calls to me for email support are billed at $100 per hour, in quarter-hour increments.  Calls during non-business hours or holidays are billed at $200 per hour.